About us

What is CryptoAPI?

CryptoAPI is a platform created to track the quality of cryptocurrency exchange APIs. The information is live and updated in real-time to provide transparent insights into the API rankings of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How is the information collected?

We use our own servers to get this information from public endpoints. The same endpoint is used for every exchange to make it fair (in this case, the BTC/USDT pair). CryptoAPI measures the median latency (instead of the average) to remove the possibility of spikes leading to unfair final results for exchanges.

What is the CAPIX score?

The CAPIX score is the final score assigned to a cryptocurrency exchange API. The following things are taken into consideration to arrive at this score:

  • Median overall Latency
  • Ease of use
  • Features provided by the API
  • Amount of markets to trade througt the API

Can an exchange improve or drop in the ranking?

Yes it can. In fact, the numbers are tracked every second and the internal scores will vary depending on what new features/improvements/markets they add.

How can I integrate an exchange?

To integrate a specific cryptocurrency exchange, please contact us through means of the following form.