Cryptocurrency Exchanges by API Strength

The Binance DEX is a decentralized exchange released by Binance which is built on their own native blockchain. The exchange is a top DEX by trading volume with 120+ trading pairs. Binance DEX is built around security and performance making it a highly-competitive trading platform. Start trading on



Median Response time
266.29 ms
Max Response time
991.02 ms
Min Response time
2.66 ms
API Uptime
US Response Time
360.00 ms
SG Response Time
255.00 ms


Documented API RESTful architecture HTTP Basic API key API Rate Limit by IP Single Purpose API Requests per minute: 60


Language Repository URL Is Official?
Javascript Yes

Response Time (ms) from United States

Response Time (ms) from Canada

Response Time (ms) from Germany

Response Time (ms) from Singapore